Cheap Foundation (L.A. Girl Pro.Coverage)


So i am on a trying foundations streak and my new foundation that i just bought is the LA Girl Pro.Coverage Foundation. Now this foundation says HD coverage!! Let me just say it is not a lie. I ordered it from Walmart for just $7 and it is so crazy how just a little bit of the foundation goes such a long wayyyyy!! i highly recommend this foundation if you do not want to spend too much money and want great foundation that looks great. The best part of this foundation is it comes in so many different beautiful shades, i just love it. If you have used the LA girl concealers you know how many shades there are and how amazing they are. The foundations are exactly like the concealers. If you do not know your shade and you use there concealers you can determine your shade using the concealers because thats what i did. But over all i personally love this foundation, highly recommend it to you all!

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