Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation

As you all have noticed lately I have been getting new products in the mail! And with every product there’s no point in keeping them to myself I just have to share with you all😅 Now this right here is the Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation. I’d been wanting to try it out for the longest but my budget was never able to cover it lol. But I finally saved up and managed to buy not just 1 but 2… I didn’t really know my shade BUTTT I took a chance and got my regular shade I use for all my Foundations hoping it would be perfect because these foundations are $40 on the website. I was really lucky enough to open it and find that the shade was PERFECT I dabbed a lil on my hand to test it out and I’m so amazed and happy with the results! It applied on so well and the coverage is amazing. It’s very light for Foundation and it smells GREAT, I’ve never had scented Foundation before so I truly love it. It was worth The Buy💖💖

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